FS#2806 - Add "full load major cargo" to orders.

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Opened by Bilbo (bilbo) - Saturday, 04 April 2009, 14:26 GMT
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There are situations, where "full load" and "full load any" is not sufficient for optimal operation.

In case, where vehicle have "major cargo" (for example 400 passengers in airplane) and minor cargo (50 bags of mail in same airplane), you usually want to wait for major cargo (passengers) and perhaps some mail. "Full load" will cause to wait for mail too (which can be bad if the mail "runs out", especially if it is picked up from station by other means), "full load any" can cause the planes in other situation to load all the mail, perhaps few passengers and then leave airport mostly empty.

The worst case is if you use SH125 to transport oil. Since the engine can't be refitted to oil, you keep it as is (capacity 2x4 bags of mail), set "full load any" (we don't wait to load any mail, right?) and off you go .... but if the station from which you take oil does somehow provide mail (like if some city later grows to vicinity of your oil-loading station), "full load any" will cause the engine to load 8 bags of mail, some oil (usually much less than full capacity) and depart. Down goes the profit on that line...

Therefore I suggest adding "full load major cargo" in addition to current two types of full load, which will wait for loading the cargo that have most capacity in the vehicle.
This task depends upon

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Monday, 21 August 2017, 06:25 GMT
Reason for closing:  Won't implement
Additional comments about closing:  Mass closure of patch tickets with no commentary for >5 years. Goal is to reduce patch queue as an experiment to see if it aids faster reviewing and rejection/acceptance (it may not). If this offends you and the patch is maintained and compiles with current trunk, discuss with andythenorth in irc. (andythenorth has no ability to review patches but can re-open tickets).
Comment by Zdeněk Sojka (SmatZ) - Saturday, 04 April 2009, 14:35 GMT
You can refit the SH125 to coal, so it won't full load mail.
Comment by Jean-Francois Claeys (Belugas) - Saturday, 04 April 2009, 22:59 GMT
What if both cargo have the same importance and "load fill major" is set?
Comment by Bilbo (bilbo) - Thursday, 09 April 2009, 16:21 GMT
If both cargo compartments are of same size, then the load major should wait for either of them - like in load any. But if one of the cargo compartments is larger, it should wait for it and do not depart if only the smaller one is filled.
Comment by Michał Mirosław (mirqus) - Wednesday, 16 December 2009, 14:04 GMT
Here is an implementation of this idea. Against trunk 18513. This modifies how load flags are assigned, but has a conversion layer in AI API so that current AIs don't need to be updated (and so can't benefit from the change).

Theres a problem in defining 'larger' here. I chose larger as in more total capacity. One might want just counting wagons, someone else might say that a cow is larger than passenger and another - the inverse.
Comment by Michał Mirosław (mirqus) - Thursday, 17 December 2009, 07:01 GMT
Updated to not confuse users when using ctrl+clicks on aircraft full load - now it assumes 'full load primary' as that was efectively how 'full load any' previously worked for them. The same goes for AI compatibility wrapper.
Comment by Christian Westgaard (ComLock) - Monday, 05 November 2012, 07:48 GMT
I would be even nicer if one could specify cargo type: Full load passengers


Consider two train stations which are only used to transfer cargo from/to road vehicles.
At station A (trucks deliver oil and pickup chemicals)
At station B (trucks pickup oil and deliver chemicals)
For a single train that has both oil and chemical vagons I would like to issue these orders:

1. Go non-stop | to Station A | and Unload chemicals | then Full load oil
2. Go non-stop | to Station B | and Unload oil | then Load chemicals if avaiable

ASFAIK this is not currently possible using a single train without refitting (maybe optimize refitting with conditional order?)
Comment by Christian Westgaard (ComLock) - Wednesday, 07 November 2012, 19:05 GMT
See  FS#5299 
Comment by andythenorth (andythenorth) - Saturday, 05 August 2017, 20:31 GMT
See  FS#5357  also. Orders could use a total rework, but that's not a current goal for OpenTTD.