FS#1308 - Vehicle Groups: create group from vehicles in station list.

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Opened by vc-labs (vc-labs) - Sunday, 07 October 2007, 22:09 GMT
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  • Tow (Tow) (2010-12-22)
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With too many vehicles in game it's practically impossible to group vehicles for Autoreplace dealing with whole list.
It would be much easier to do it on per-station basis, dealing with the only vehicles binded to that station; especially due the fact, that the vehicles binded to same station usually logically grupped by user to share same route and cargo.

I would consider a little more automation:
- Automatically group vehicles with same orders (route), model and refiting.
This task depends upon

Comment by sulai (sulai) - Wednesday, 23 April 2008, 19:09 GMT
"same station" groups already exist: click on a station and then on the little train in the lower right of the window.

Anyway, "same station" vehicle lists and "shared orders" vehicle lists should be treated as groups. I developed some details about how to do this:

model- and vehicle based groups are already implemented by this patch:
Comment by andythenorth (andythenorth) - Thursday, 17 August 2017, 07:44 GMT
There is currently no way to create a group based on same-station. That would be a useful improvement imho. It's non-trivial to design, because it needs to consider how/if vehicles are moved from their existing groups.
Comment by andythenorth (andythenorth) - Friday, 01 September 2017, 08:00 GMT
I've retitled this, as I think it's really about how groups are created. I think creating groups from station lists (1) would be a very useful feature when playing (2) has to consider a lot of awkward behaviour as it must move vehicles from other groups, which not be what players want.

The current groups implementation is based on a vehicle being in one-and-only-one group. which is the only sustainable way (to avoid, e.g. autoreplace circular replacements). Being in multiple groups would perhaps make more sense when creating station groups, but does't look viable to me.