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Opened by Sylvain Devidal (MagicBuzz) - Monday, 16 July 2007, 22:08 GMT
Last edited by andythenorth (andythenorth) - Monday, 14 August 2017, 20:11 GMT
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  • Ricardo (ABCRic) (2010-11-16)
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This patch displays a panel at the bottom of the vehicules group window.
It shows the current year and last year profits, plus a "profit button" for the whole group.
This task depends upon

Closed by  andythenorth (andythenorth)
Monday, 14 August 2017, 20:11 GMT
Reason for closing:  Won't implement
Additional comments about closing:  Mass closure of patch tickets with no commentary for >5 years. Goal is to reduce patch queue as an experiment to see if it aids faster reviewing and rejection/acceptance (it may not). If this offends you and the patch is maintained and compiles with current trunk, discuss with andythenorth in irc. (andythenorth has no ability to review patches but can re-open tickets).
Comment by Sylvain Devidal (MagicBuzz) - Monday, 03 September 2007, 18:48 GMT
A small update in order to comply with the lastest trunk.
It also fix a small display bug with the "All vehicles" and "Ungrouped vehicles" panels.

Comment by Benedikt Br├╝ggemeier (skidd13) - Sunday, 09 September 2007, 10:47 GMT
1. DrawGroupProfitButton has some doubled with DrawVehicleProfitButton.
2. The way you calculate the group profit might be unusefull cause now a group can have a green rating if one vehicle earns enough to cover the defict of the others. So counting the ratings instead of the money togehter for the button would be nicer IMO.
3. I'm not sure about the position of the group info. Maybe there is a nicer place in the window.
Comment by Sylvain Devidal (MagicBuzz) - Tuesday, 16 November 2010, 17:55 GMT

According the  FS#4037 , this patch is still asked for.

So I rewritten the patch.
I removed the profit button as I don't think it's really usefull (thus, IMO it should be on the group name line).
Comment by Ricardo (ABCRic) - Tuesday, 16 November 2010, 21:54 GMT
Thanks for the patch, it does exactly what I requested over at  FS#4037 .
Any chance this might make it to trunk?
Comment by Sylvain Devidal (MagicBuzz) - Sunday, 21 November 2010, 18:37 GMT
Here is a fix on the vehicle list in the group : the last entry was unused.
Comment by Sylvain Devidal (MagicBuzz) - Monday, 22 November 2010, 11:03 GMT
New feature : Group profit button is now visible in the group list. So you can easily and quickly see which groups loose or earn money.
Comment by Sylvain Devidal (MagicBuzz) - Monday, 22 November 2010, 11:11 GMT
Hmm, there were a small bug... Here is the lastest version
Comment by Sylvain Devidal (MagicBuzz) - Monday, 22 November 2010, 12:14 GMT
There was a bug with the "all" group. I forgot to check the vehicle type when displaying the profit button, so the profit button was computed for all vehicle of any type...
Comment by Sylvain Devidal (MagicBuzz) - Monday, 22 November 2010, 12:23 GMT
Hmpf... This time the bug is fixed (and tested, sorry)
Comment by 3298 (3298) - Thursday, 17 August 2017, 19:36 GMT
For the record: Even though this has just been closed as Won't implement, a very similar patch has been implemented in r27822 a few months ago. I'm guessing everybody simply forgot this old ticket.