FS#5451 - Do not overlap vehicle view window with child windows (orders, timetable, details)

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Opened by Rainer F├╝hrer (RegnerusDux) - Sunday, 27 January 2013, 10:10 GMT
Last edited by frosch (frosch) - Sunday, 27 August 2017, 13:29 GMT
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If I want to maintain a special vehicle with the orders/details buttons in the vehicle view window the new windows with orders and details always cover the view window and its buttons.
I have to close or move this window to get access to the buttons again (start/stop, goto depot, force turn, etc.). See screenshot 'current_situation.jpg'.

A better way would be to position the new window close beside the vehicle view window.

I tested it and changed the parent window class of the relevant window description (e.g. _timetable_desc in timetable_gui.cpp)
from WC_VEHICLE_VIEW to WC_NONE. See screenshot 'proposed_situation.jpg'.

The only disadvantage is that the new window sometimes is opened far away from its vehicle view window.

This task depends upon

Comment by andythenorth (andythenorth) - Saturday, 28 December 2013, 09:57 GMT
The window shuffling is annoying, but provides better handling of smaller screens. Not convinced that's enough to reject this suggestion though :)
Comment by frosch (frosch) - Sunday, 27 August 2017, 13:28 GMT
Patch by 3298 for this.

Comments copied from  FS#6568 :
- The next hunk is pretty large. At the start you see a few constants for the placement penalties. Feel free to tweak them, the documentation should be enough to tell you what they do.
- The next part of that hunk merges IsGoodAutoPlace1 and IsGoodAutoPlace2 into a single function. The difference between those functions was fairly small already, and with my scoring system the merged function tries to do it the way of IsGoodAutoPlace1, falling back to what once was IsGoodAutoPlace2 if the screen bounds check of IsGoodAutoPlace1 fails (while increasing the penalty, obviously). The loop at the end, which prevented placing a window on top of another, was changed to just count the overlapping windows and increase the penalty for each. I also removed your new toolbar_y stuff in favor of a simple condition in the overlap-checking loop (the toolbars have high Z priority; placement below windows with higher Z priority than the new window is now forbidden) - I see no reason to prevent placement next to the toolbar, which the old code did. While at it, I made the code ignore overlap with tooltips as well (those made for some weird placement before). The merged function returns the penalty instead of true/false now, and it needs a few more parameters.
- Still in the same hunk, GetAutoPlacePosition needs to keep track of the penalty of the best placement yet. This is passed by-reference to IsGoodAutoPlace alongside pt. The first placement attempt (top left, RTL-aware) now tries a true top-left position (next to the toolbar), only falling back to toolbar_y pixels lower if that fails.
The second and third attempts were merged like the functions they depended on. You'll notice a line dealing with window parents here - this is what persuades the game to place child windows next to parents by increasing the penalty if the window has a parent and this spot is not next to it, before the penalty-checking function IsGoodAutoPlace is even started (because that has no access to the parent, and it makes no sense to pass the parent reference down 8 times when the penalty can be calculated 1 time).
I kept the return statements in these attempts - they are triggered if the penalty is 0, which is a perfect spot. If the two attempts run through without a perfect result, I take the best one. Only when no spot worked (screen covered in higher-priority windows?), a third attempt is started, which simply places the window at (0, toolbar_y) so it can be moved / closed, at least when the movable higher-priority windows are out of the way. (Toolbar and statusbar are immovable, but using toolbar_y avoids the toolbar and keeps closebox and caption away from the statusbar.) This replaces the old fourth attempt, which went down-right for each subsequent window, completely ignoring the screen edges. I considered this final attempt impossible enough to put a console warning into it in case it was ever needed.
- At the end of the hunk, a small comment typo I noticed along the way is fixed.
- The final two hunks change LocalGetWindowPlacement so it passes a few more parameters down to GetAutoPlacePosition, and remove the child window special case (except for the child windows of the construction toolbars) so the penalty-based placement can take over, which favors spots next to the parent. That's FS#5451.
Comment by 3298 (3298) - Sunday, 27 August 2017, 14:45 GMT
Upon frosch's request via IRC, I've split the patch into the part adding the penalty framework, and the part that actually changes the placement of child windows (by increasing the penalty if a window has a parent, except when the parent is next to the attempted spot).