FS#4711 - Water: allow rivers (slopes) for navigation

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Opened by George (George) - Thursday, 04 August 2011, 06:22 GMT
Last edited by andythenorth (andythenorth) - Friday, 01 September 2017, 08:28 GMT
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It would be nice if rivers could be used for ship navigation. Currently they are not useful, because river requires locks to be build on slopes, that costs too much for the beginning of the game.
It disallows to make real-map based scenarios of the regions, where ship navigation is the main transportation way of cargo transportation.
This would also improve placing of water based ECS industries, because it would allow wider range of placing them on the map, especially on hilly maps. Currently there are too many industries near water and a lot of free place on the hills.
This task depends upon

Comment by Juraj Variny (rini17) - Sunday, 11 September 2011, 18:23 GMT
This problem can be solved by much cheaper building of canals/locks on river tiles than on land. Currently it is the same price which is nonsense. And it seems quite easy to implement.

Maybe it is also possible to do easily that building canals on tiles *next to* river is cheaper. Overall, it would make rivers much more useful.
Comment by George (George) - Sunday, 11 September 2011, 18:52 GMT
That is not a solution. Locks requires at least 2 flat tiles between 2 height levels, that fits only for very smooth landscape, while rivers can be located in mountains and change level even without flat tiles.
Comment by Juraj Variny (rini17) - Sunday, 11 September 2011, 18:59 GMT
This is why I propose to enable lower price also for neighboring tiles to rivers, is increases probability that there is suitable terrain for lock. Despite I like to play alpine terrain, still majority of rivers were 100% usable as canals. But the building price pissed me off.
Comment by andythenorth (andythenorth) - Tuesday, 24 December 2013, 10:29 GMT
FISH / Squid grf 'fixes' building costs for canals and locks. Still the locks are too big, they take up too much space. Rivers should be more fun + useful in game.

I am +1 to navigable rapids, with a speed penalty and a ship property for 'can navigate rapids'.