FS#3417 - Resize windows when main window gets smaller than window size

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Opened by Ingo von Borstel (planetmaker) - Thursday, 24 December 2009, 09:27 GMT
Last edited by andythenorth (andythenorth) - Saturday, 02 September 2017, 19:37 GMT
Type Feature Request
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Reported Version 1.0.0-beta1
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The server list window doesn't get re-sized to the main window size
This task depends upon

Comment by Remko Bijker (Rubidium) - Friday, 25 December 2009, 13:38 GMT
  • Field changed: Type (Bug → Feature Request)
  • Field changed: Summary (server list window is not re-sized if main window is re-sized → Resize windows when main window gets smaller than window size)
This is the behaviour for eons and technically not a bug.
Comment by andythenorth (andythenorth) - Saturday, 02 September 2017, 19:33 GMT
[8:26pm] andythenorth: Alberth: does the UI have methods to resize windows when viewport changes size?
[8:26pm] Alberth: I think so
[8:26pm] Alberth: or at least move them back into view
[8:26pm] andythenorth: so valid task?
[8:27pm] Alberth: not sure, Rb claims it's not
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[8:28pm] Alberth: maybe the window is not very resizable or so
[8:28pm] Alberth: don't understand why Rb says that
[8:29pm] andythenorth: he was just adjusting status
[8:30pm] Alberth: yes, because he doesn't see it as a bug
[8:30pm] andythenorth: industry windows are moved when I resize viewport
[8:30pm] Alberth: I don't know why
[8:30pm] andythenorth: so the methods exist
[8:31pm] andythenorth: newgrf window neither
[8:31pm] Alberth: it's just a function that walks through the window-stack
[8:31pm] Alberth: not all windows resize very well
[8:32pm] Alberth: maybe they stay centered?
[8:32pm] andythenorth: think they do
[8:33pm] Alberth: if they do, then that technically indeed counts as not a bug
[8:33pm] Alberth: since they are properly centered
[8:33pm] Alberth: just not in a useful way
[8:33pm] Alberth: from UX pov, it counts as bug
[8:34pm] andythenorth: can’t fix
[8:34pm] Alberth: not easily, likely
[8:34pm] andythenorth: not convinced that supporting resize-to-smaller is a big thing
[8:34pm] andythenorth: especially at game start
[8:35pm] Alberth: I sometimes do resize the window while playing, to make room for another window
[8:36pm] Alberth: but in general, I agree
Comment by andythenorth (andythenorth) - Saturday, 02 September 2017, 19:38 GMT
Leaving this open for now. But very unlikely to get fixed, candidate for closure for pragmatic 'not going to happen' reason.