FS#178 - Electric Trains can leave Conventional Depot

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Opened by Johannes E. Krause (Eddi) - Thursday, 18 May 2006, 13:43 GMT
Last edited by Darkvater (Darkvater) - Saturday, 12 August 2006, 08:12 GMT
Type Bug
Category Vehicles → Electrified rails
Status Closed
Assigned To Bjarni (Bjarni)
Operating System All
Severity Medium
Priority High
Reported Version trunk
Due in Version 0.5.0
Due Date Undecided
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to reproduce:

- build electric depot
- build electric train
- convert depot to conventional
- start train

the train leaves the depot without checking that it is incompatible rail

i think you should be able to convert depots with incompatible trains inside, to be able to upgrade the network without loosing the orders
but those trains should not be able to leave the depot
This task depends upon

Closed by  Bjarni (Bjarni)
Saturday, 12 August 2006, 10:42 GMT
Reason for closing:  Fixed
Additional comments about closing:  fixed in revision 5853

we might need a new sprite for this, but so far "No Power" written in red will do
Comment by Bjarni (Bjarni) - Thursday, 18 May 2006, 13:51 GMT
well even if the depot can be converted with a train in it, then how about this:
- you build an electric engine
- you build a diesel engine
- you use the diesel engine to pull the electric engine to a conventional depot
- you sell the diesel and make a train out of the electric engine

The solution should be a failture to start from depots with 0 hp. Best solution would be to replace the green flag with an error icon of some sort and then show that one if the train tries to leave in addition to it to fail to leave
Comment by Loïc GUILLOUX (glx) - Thursday, 18 May 2006, 19:52 GMT
I implemented the flag replacement by a different icon (currently the lock from network games).
If the train has 0hp, the start/stop button in the train view window is disabled (same for the clic on flag in depot window).
The train power is updated when the depot is converted, and windows refreshed.

Btw, if you add a diesel engine, the 'lock' disappear and you can start the train :)

PS: I think a new gfx would be better. But I'm not good in drawing.
Comment by Loïc GUILLOUX (glx) - Friday, 19 May 2006, 04:11 GMT
I fixed many bugs with trains running while depot conversion (ie if an electric train is partially in the depot, don't update his power until it is totally in depot, or it will stop and block everything). Same kind of changes for train reversing.

When an electric train is entering in a depot while the depot is converted, if his power becomes 0hp, the order is changed to stop the train.

I still need a better icon (I think the lock is not accurate).