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["Autoreplace should be an individual vehicle property". Second edition]
Hello, Bjarni, sorry bothering you again, but I believe I have to.
First of all, thanks for your respond and a lot of thanks for what you've already done!
You're absolutelly right - autorenew/autoreplace got me confusing. That's why I probably missed the AUTOREPLACE feature.
The Autoreplace (just tested it) is a really great feature and helps a lot, but...
...But now I'm confused again. I still cannot solve major problem: how can I select individual vehicles for upgrade?
Real example from recently played game.
I've created a huge road empire and at the end of 1930' I had over 200 same 20-seats MAK buses (I use most popular PikkaBird's RV set v3.34). At that moment some new buses appeared (or were about to appear) on the market, so the time for upgrade already came. Now I wanted to replace the MAK buses which served major airports to new 55-seats 96 km/h models; the interstate long rangers - to 41-seats 127 km/h model; the suburban short rangers - to 26-seats 104 km/h "Clipper"; and around 30 buses serving small villages - left as it (just renew).
So, it supposed I shoulda switch off Autorenew in patch config and set Autoreplace, right?
Well, I go to Autoreplace window and find out that the only whole bunch of MAKs can be set for upgrade. I still cannot select individual vehicles and have to go with manual replacement. And I already know (and I already described it to you) what will happen next and what I will end up with.
So I have no choice - I have to pick the only destination model for upgrade and replace all MAKs to, lets say, Clipper. But it's certainly not a choice I like. My will is limited once again. I gotta accept unification, or I can do it manually and face the hustle...
Did I miss something once again?
Do I have an ability to pick the only dedicated vehicles I want to upgrade to some special model and leave other vehicles of same model untouched?..
So far I don't see or cannot find this ability.
Without that the Autoreplace doesn't have a lot of sense.
See, folks who play with huge amount of vehicles in game, are usually advanced users, the "artists", and they certainly don't like unification. They're the ones, who need automation most of all.
It's simply doesn't look realistic, when whole country rides same bus, same truck, same plane. It's silly, it's boring, it's not interesting.
The group replacement doesn't work for me. The individual selection - that's the feature I really want to have.
The solution you designed is not bad at all. But if you can make these groups expandable to individual vehicles (so I can check the ones I want to upgrade) - it will be logically finished.
Can you do it for all TT funs? They will never forget you. I'd say first that you're the God :)
Do we have a deal, or you'll bounce me back once again?..
This task depends upon

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Saturday, 05 August 2017, 15:38 GMT
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Comment by Bjarni (Bjarni) - Tuesday, 02 October 2007, 00:04 GMT
if you pick a nightly build, then you can make groups of vehicles. You can disable autoreplace for a group of vehicles if you like, so if you make 3 groups for busses and disable autoreplace for two of them, then you can replace everything in the 3rd group. Once it's done, you can change the autoreplace settings and start replacing the next group and so on. I plan to make this even better (group specific settings), but it could take a while to finish, specially because I need to do something else first.

You don't have to disable autorenew to use autoreplace. If they are both enabled, then autoreplace will take higher priority.

The simple solution of autoreplace (that's actually pretty hard to code) made sense when it was new. Certain (most?) newGRF files just increased the demand for flexibility and since it's a fairly complex feature in the code, changes don't come quick.
Comment by vc-labs (vc-labs) - Tuesday, 02 October 2007, 02:15 GMT
That's an excellent news, thanks Bjarni! You're the God, I mean it!
Seems, you already took care about everything from this side.
Just only one tiny problem I forgot to mention before (I just don't know if you've already fixed it or not).
It's about Autorenew in the current 053 release.
It doesn't care about model' modification. FE, Pikka's RV v3.34 offers few modifications for goods carriers and other RVs. When, say, short-body Skoda food fridge passes Autorenew, it comes out replaced to the basic long-body mod. When my MAC goods tanker comes out - it converts to general-purpose goods carrier.
Of course, it doesn't affect game itself (no changes in money flow, no service interruption), but it certainly changes the overal picture you're trying to draw, makes it boring, you know...
For those of us, who preffer beauty rather than money, it's a bit important.
Can it be fixed without big blood?..
And, BTW, maybe you know why Pikka's RV v4 doesn't work well in OTTD. And even in RV v3.34 Ford T4 doesn't come up at all...
Probably it's not correct question to you and I have to place it separatelly somefhere in GRF section?..
Comment by Bjarni (Bjarni) - Tuesday, 02 October 2007, 19:37 GMT
if you want to talk about newGRF support, then try a nightly build first (since a lot changed)

Autorenew/autoreplace can't handle cargo subtypes. All it can do is to make sure that the same type of cargo can be transported (goods replaced with goods transport). There is no easy way to make it support cargo subtypes (if any) due to design of newGRF.

Whenever something is replaced, then it's sold and something new is built. If the newGRF file change the sprite or anything else for the same engine based on what year it's built, then autorenew/autoreplace will get whatever can be build at the time of the replace. If the factory changed the design, so be it.
Comment by vc-labs (vc-labs) - Tuesday, 02 October 2007, 20:16 GMT
You right, I'm going too far in my desires. Everything has the limits, even for Gods. Wouldn't bother you again about this issue, you've already done so much... Thanks a lot!
I'll certainly go to nightlies as soon as you, guys, will supply'em with clear installation instructions.
As the README composed now - I wouldn't take a risk.
Comment by andythenorth (andythenorth) - Tuesday, 27 December 2016, 13:17 GMT
Should be closed. Ancient history.