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The only question comes to mind while looking at the remains of brand-new small airplane, just crushed on the strip of totally empty intercontinental airport - "what the f...!?"...
If you pass-through the records of any aircraft accident database (kinda NTSB or Aviation Safety Network), you'll find out that the most common reasons for smashing the plane into the ground during landing are weather conditions (cross-winds) and dry tanks (run-out-of-fuel). Due to always perfect weather in TT world, the only acceptable reason left - out-of-fuel event. So, I would understand if I'll see the wreckage of some doomed plane, been stacked at holding pattern for couple extra years, but certainly not in the situation described.
The aviation accidents should take place when you overload airport. That does have sense.
The plane may crush when it runs out of fuel due to landing delay (busy airport, aircraft forced to hold waiting pattern too long).
It may also require to implement the RANGE feature (already requested by user PAVEL). The planes, which already covered their maxium range distance, cannot hold landing pattern too long and should be given the emergency landing priority against other planes (as it happens in real world).
The airport behavior should also be changed. No any planes should be permited to depart if there are some other planes already awaiting for landing clearence. It's ridiculous to see dozen slow planes circling around busy airport for about whole damn year or more!.. In the real life they would crush one-by-one in few hours.
So, any type of airport should always accept landing planes first and only permit take-offs if no one left in landing holding pattern. But, in case you overload airpot too much, it's possible that there are too many of them circling around awaiting to land and approaching to dry tanks event. Then the aviation accident may certainly happen, and it would look very damn reasonable!.. It should also be the airport acceptance limit (no place to stick landed planes anymore). In that case the airport should stop accept planes and re-route them to the nearest one for re-fueling (same situation - if some plane already crushed on the only landing strip). The crush event should suspend the airport' activity for a few days and re-route all binded airborn planes to the nearest or originating ports, where they'll be delayed upon re-opening. All binded grounded planes should be delayed in the ports where they currently are.
There is no any reason to wipe out all passengers and goods from the accidental airport. It's against the real life. On the contrary, at the moment of reopening, the airport should be overhelmed with angry annoyed and confused passangers and covered by the hips of mail and cargo. That's how it happens in the real world. It should take certain amount of time and forces to clean up the mess. And, of course, if playing with competitors, it should trigger their activity around the damned place... So, the player should be really concerned about safety of his carriers and routes and plan it well.
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Friday, 18 August 2017, 18:25 GMT
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Additional comments about closing:  Flyspray clean up: more than 5 years old, and not obvious what should be done with this next, so closing. If this offends, discuss with andythenorth in irc. Thanks.
Comment by vc-labs (vc-labs) - Saturday, 06 October 2007, 18:24 GMT
[Add-on. Suggestment to improve animation and behavior of plane crush event]

The plane crash is always outstanding event as in real life, so in the game; but the player almost always miss it, because it happens accidentially in some far-away part of the map and player is only able to watch post-mortem. So, instad of adding some fun to the game, it appears to be just annoynig and disturbing.

I suggest that aviation accident should be pre-calculated ahead, while plane is still in flight, and announced by some message kinda "Panic on board! Aircraft #XXX reports {technical problems (randomised)} and requests emergency landing!", so the player may switch to damned plane and enjoy the sequel.
The aftermath may be also randomized. The plane may crash; or it may be announced damaged and locked in depot for repairs for, say, one month; or it may even land successfully. The aftermath may also be affected by the leght of the landing strip (if that former suggestion will be somewhen implemented).

As per animation, I'd suggest the following:
1) Accidental aircraft should be animated with the smoke trail while in air, as it done in TT for broken planes.
2) Accidental plane should not stop at the first tile on the strip, but rather proceed up to the end and stop there (same pattern as for conventional landing), although leaving the explosive trail behind (the current single-tile explosion animation, been sequentally applied to all tiles in the trail, would look very impressive).

This would add more fun to the game and turn in-game aviation accident to the really enjoyable event.