All pending tasks and bugs related to the website.
ID  desc Type Category Summary Status Assigned To Priority Progress
6336 Bug Main Website inconsistent password policy for centralized accounts Confirmed Normal 0%
5469 Feature Request BaNaNaS Hide GRF for player in content download New Normal 0%
5442 Bug BaNaNaS "I acknowledge that I am (one of) the original author(s... New Normal 0%
5418 Feature Request Main Website Select different products/version from download page Confirmed Normal 0%
5417 Bug Main Website Spanish(?) words on registration page New Normal 0%
5352 Bug BaNaNaS Fix of ShortName detection on bananas New Normal 0%
5347 Feature Request BaNaNaS Add AGPL to bananas New Normal 0%
5073 Bug BaNaNaS GameScripts can't depend on gs libraries on BaNaNaS. (a... New Normal 0%
5067 Bug Main Website Scaled-down screenshots are larger than the original New Normal 0%
4685 Bug BaNaNaS Don't allow old scenarios New Normal 0%
4577 Bug BaNaNaS Bananas fail when tags are invalid New Normal 0%
4169 Feature Request Interface [website] redirect trac links to bug tickets back to fl... New Normal 0%
4062 Bug BaNaNaS Uploading a scenario with NewGRFs dependancies... Confirmed Normal 0%
3998 Bug Main Website profile page is not done making it impossible to change... Confirmed Normal 0%
3777 Feature Request Main Website Download page should show/mention other release types t... New Normal 0%
3549 Bug Main Website account registration password rules not enforced Confirmed Normal 0%
3488 Bug Main Website Unhandled exception in website Confirmed Low 0%
2983 Bug BaNaNaS select not-latest ai library versions as dependency Confirmed Normal 0%
2966 Bug BaNaNaS older version of AI not available in older opentdd vers... Confirmed Normal 0%
2796 Feature Request Main Website Better mobile website Confirmed Low 0%
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